About Us

We are here to promote your understanding of the energy connected with your body and how to work to keep it healthy, clear and functioning at top efficiency. The classes we offer help you work with different aspects of the energy and clear and balance.

About the Instructors

Ann O’Malley, RN, HTCP/I has been transformed in all aspects of her life thru the study of Healing Touch, Reiki, Energetic Transformations and Shamanism. She has been a nurse since 1979 with experience in a Holistic Medical Office, Maternal/Child, Emergency Room and Home Care/Hospice. She is the president of the Chrysalis Healing Center, Inc. in the western suburbs of Chicago where she combines all she has learned to empower others on their healing journey. She is Certified Practitioner, Qualified Mentor and Instructor of Healing Touch, teaching Levels 1-3 since 2001.She has been honored to teach Energetic Transformations since 2004.   Please visit her website at http://www.touchhealer.com




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