Insights by Kathy Sinnett

Insights by Kathy Sinnett
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Insights by Kathy Sinnett - $12.95

Why read this book?
We all want change. We want to be wiser, more intuitive and more spiritual. Many of us are here together and are seeking the answer to why us? And why now?

If you had accomplished all that you wanted, or knew the answers, you wouldn't be picking up the book. I'm glad that you did.
Because, in this book you will find short articles that present insights to empower you and allow you to make changes in your life - now.
The articles are easy to read, humorous, and each will help you change a perception or belief - and change can set you free.

This first collection is a portion of the columns that Kathy Sinnett, registered nurse, holistic nurse, healer, musician, grandmother, fun lover, has written over the past fifteen years. As you read them you will be able to connect easily to that thought that will make a change - now.

Kathy Sinnett, RN, HNC, CHTP/I has been a full-time spiritual, energy healer/teacher for nearly twenty years. She is well known around the country for her advanced energy teaching. Kathy is a no nonsense writer who tells it like it is.

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