Energetic Transformation

Energetic Transformation
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Energetic Transformation - $39.95

A Step By Step Guide To Spirit Release, Hara And Chakra Repair
Transform you or your patient's health and life NOW!

When you have tried everything, but health or wellness cannot be maintained, perhaps it's because:
The Hara is not intact, the chakras need repair, or the fields are damaged
Discarnate energies are interfering with your life
You need to know how to protect yourself physically & spiritually
YOU will discover:

  • How to assess and repair the Hara using quantum energy bursts
  • How to repair chakras
  • How disturbances in the Hara prevent even the most diligent from recovering health
  • Physical and mental problems deceased entitles (discarnates) can cause
  • How to eliminate these problems by safely removing the discarnates
  • How to remove unwanted dimensional entities
  • How dimensional entities set up beacons, why, and how to remove them
  • How to remove harmful influences of people and events with cord release
  • How to reinforce and repair the energy fields around a person
  • How to construct Energetic and Spiritual protection
    And more advanced energy techniques

What others say:   Barbara Dossey, Ph.D., RN, HNC, FAAN

Energetic Transformation is an excellent workbook with examples and photographs to guide us in the unfolding, releasing, and reconnecting with the well-spring of healing ourselves and how to facilitate healing in others. It provides both basic and advanced techniques for strengthening the body-mind-spirit and deepening our understanding of healing.

Sharon Hibdon-Scandrett, RN, Ph.D., CHTP/I
This is some of the most effective, advanced work that absolutely makes a difference in people's lives and recovery.

The advanced training in this book by a prominent healer has allowed countless healers to assist their patients to peace and wellness, and to safely guide the lost souls home. You can do this Don't wait any longer to do the work you are called to do.

Kathy Sinnett, RN, HNC, CHTP/I has been a full-time spiritual, energy healer/teacher for nearly twenty years. Her work during this time with Saint Michael, the Whales, Dolphins and Fishes to return lost souls to the Light has brought patients from around the country to her. Her drive and determination to bring this controversial information to other healer continues. Her practicality makes the work easy to do. The God Team makes it safe.

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